In addition to any other requirement identified in this procedure the key requester must abide by the following: By accepting this Key, the user agrees to the following conditions regarding the use of the assigned key to access the Department of Energy (DOE) Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) via barricade reservation access roads: (1) User affirms that he/she is either an employee of DOE, a DOE contractor, Subcontractor, or other approved entity conducting official business.(2) User agrees he/she will be the sole authorized user of said issued key and WILL NOT give the key to any other person or entity.(3) User agrees not to duplicate or reproduce the issued key.(4) The term of the key issuance is temporary and the key must be surrendered upon termination of official business.(5) If the access key is issued on a short-term basis, the user agrees to return the key at the conclusion of the contractor approved use. If the key is issued on a long-term basis, the key will be inventoried at least annually as directed by DOE Operations Office.(6) User shall close all barricades upon entry and exit of barricaded areas. (7) User is responsible for assuring the vehicle operator(s) is (are) aware of road conditions that may be encountered while driving on ORR access roads. These conditions may include, but are not limited to: narrow roads with loose dirt or gravel surfaces, blind hills and curves, limited sight distances, presence of ruts or potholes, debris in the road, standing water, unmarked intersections or "dead ends", sudden appearance of other vehicles, pedestrians, or animals, and the possibility of being stranded in remote location. (8) User is responsible to comply with all access road postings, signage, procedures and traffic laws governing vehicle use and operation. In addition, user will abide all safety rules/regulations appicable to the ORR. (9) A lost or stolen key must be reported immediately to the Reservation Management at (865) 576-7464. (10) Prior to entering or exiting barricades user must call number on gate. DOE Security and Privacy Notice Failure to adhere to the terms of this agreement may result in disciplinary actions up to and including loss of access privileges, employment or contract termination and trespass prosecution. Supervisors will be notified immediately of any noncompliance with this agreement.

Any questions contact:

Anthony Sims


(865) 576-7464